Why Lady Diana’s style is always going to be iconic?

Aside from Queen  Elizabeth II , Diana Spencer, better known as Lady Di , Princess of Hearts , is the member of the British Royal Family who in the 20th century made a remarkable impact on her time and beyond. More than twenty years after his death, his indisputable international influence and his strong positions remain in the collective memory.

While her legendary aura warmed the 90s , her unstoppable sartorial style continues to fuel the legend of the mother of the British Crown Prince, Princes William and Harry .

A real communication tool, it has become a form of bible for all women of power and international crowned heads, from the royal family of England to the looks of Rania from Jordan, Michelle Obama or Letizia from Spain .  We explain why. 

Lady Diana’s young years

It was at the end of years  70 and the beginning  of the 80s that Diana Spencer is put under the spotlight.  Of blue – in  other words royal – blood , she attracted the attention of Queen Elizabeth II who then sought to marry her eldest son, Prince Charles .  The latter being intended to succeed her on the British throne should she ever die.

This arranged marriage makes Diana Spencer the object of all interests, and while the future princess has until then lived in a preserved way in the family castle, she is now being pursued through the streets of London by swarms of paparazzi. Clothing  speaking, the one who then works as a nanny, has a more classic style.  Barely of age, she sports a midi tailored skirt, v-neck sweater, printed cardigans, short Peter Pan collars and pleated skirts.

The marriage is celebrated a year after her first meeting with Prince Charles. On July 29, 1981, Diana Spencer thus became the 3rd dignity of England.  At the time, her wedding dress was far from expressing the stylistic modernity of the time.  The silhouette disappears completely under a set of puffy fabrics and other frills.  It was not until the honeymoon of the two newlyweds that the outline of a “Diana look” began to appear.

Lady Diana, the birth of a personal style

lady diana in 90s style dior

At the end of her honeymoon, become Lady Diana or more affectionately Lady Di in the hearts of the English, the Princess of Wales has a meeting that will change her notion of style.  Her name is Catherine Walker, she is  a French designer living  in London since 1977. She is the one who will help Lady Diana to identify the pieces and cuts that flatter her, but also to give a contemporary vision of royalty as does Princess Margaret or Princess Anne before her. 

Among the outstanding outfits of this era, there is the mermaid dress in sequins worn in May 89, the “Elvis” dress, evening dress in sequins and pearls with its matching bolero worn during a trip to  Hong-Kong , the strapless dress adorned with blue and pink roses, the one in pale blue silk muslin worn in Cannes in 1987…  On the counter, more than 1,000 outfits worn by Lady Diana are  signed Catherine  Walker. It is also during this period that the Princess of Wales will wear a long black velvet dress during a trip to the United States where she will dance with John Travolta . 

The locker room of a free woman

But because our love for the 80s is arguably not as strong as we feel for the 90s, it’s Lady Di’s style of dress after her separation, and then finally when she divorced Prince Charles who remains encrusted in our memories.  Doubtless too, these memories are fresher, because they are not so far from his tragic death.

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