The Look of Gigi Hadid’s Mom Is Leaving Everyone Astonished

Seen during a walk with her daughter in the streets of New York, Gigi Hadid has dug up a look in tune with the times where comfort and style go hand in hand.

There are two things that we would like to know about Gigi Hadid : the first name of her daughter – which she promises to reveal in due course -, then in a completely different register her secret to display comfortable looks, practical but always stylish. If during her pregnancy, the young woman remained rather discreet with her mother in Pennsylvania, her return to New York with her child is under the gaze of photographers. It must be said that the model takes particular care of her new mom outfits. Spotted with her sister during a snowy walk, Zayn Malik’s girlfriend opted for trendy pieces that marked the year 2020 like a newsboy cap or a pair of black boots. In the mood to put his nose outside, Gigi Hadid has granted himself a new one-to-one outing with his daughter. For the occasion, the young mother unveiled a long camel velvet coat, a fleece bucket hat branded Louis Vuitton and Doc Martens. A perfect look for winter and ultra-trendy which gives it the status of “cool mum” as indicated by many American media.

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This season more than ever, our coats are gaining length . Down jacket, parkas, duffle-coat… These winter essentials come in an XXL version to warm up our calves. Among the trends that we see everywhere on Instagram, we find in particular quilted coats , shearling skins and capes. Warm and fashionable pieces to fight against the cold. And if sometimes these bold coats are difficult to wear, we can always count on our favorite celebrities to receive lessons in express fashion.

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