We Can’t Deny the Fact the Look of Naomi Campbell in This Hazmat Suit to Be One of The Most Symbolic Ones of 2020

Back in July 2019, Naomi Campbell released her now-famous video on YouTube, “Naomi Campbell’s Airport Routine.” In the 5:19-minute-long clip, she thoroughly wipes a first-class plane seat and trays down—while wearing gloves—before sitting down. The video went viral, and people nitpicked at what was thought of as the supermodel’s fanatical adherence to cleaning. Campbell was […]

Alexa Chung Not only An It-Girl, but Also a Stylish and Skilled Designer!

Alternately model, TV presenter, multi-brand muse, and fashion designer, Alexa Chung monopolizes first place in the “it-parade” of ultra-cool girls. Not without reason. Present on all fronts, it’s been ten years that Alexa Chung truste the front pages of magazines, appears in the front row of the parades, poses for various campaigns and multiplies the fashion collaborations … Now, she plays […]

Why Lady Diana’s style is always going to be iconic?

In nearly two decades, Lady Diana has left behind an unbreakable style of dress that still resonates in our locker rooms today. From 80s shoulder-padded dresses and jackets to sexy 90s chic, a look back at the evolution of the style of a princess like no other. Aside from Queen  Elizabeth II , Diana Spencer, better known as Lady […]